Guide: How to Get Gold in Skyblock Roblox

There has been a new update for Roblox Skyblock and this has added a bunch of new features including the ability to get gold. This isn’t too demanding a task, but to save using your noggin here you’ll discover a quick and easy tutorial for how to get the newly added resource so you can go about your business.

In addition to the resource that this brief guide will teach you how to get, the update has also added other delicate and valuable items and resources such as pretty flower pots, yummy carrot cakes, and an Iron War Axe.

You must get the Buffalkor key in Roblox Skyblock in order to get gold.

Just follow the below steps to get the Buffalkor key to visit the new Roblox Skyblock island:

  • Craft a sword with 20x wood
  • Speak to the Adventurer vendor by the purple portal and buy a Slime Island key for 200 coins
  • Walk through the portal and defeat a bunch of slimes with your sword until you get the Buffalkor key
  • Walk through the portal next to the sign which reads Buffalkor Island

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